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First of all, as a law firm, you should always seek more clients in order to generate more revenue and build loyalty among the clients. But all these achievements cannot happen overnight. Just like in any other business, all these things will cost you time, money, energy, etc. We cannot achieve these milestones with old marketing techniques that were practiced long ago even after a decade. So what is the fastest way to market your services in an effective way that allows the client to call for action and saves your time and energy? After advertisements, one of the latest successful and most used ways of marketing in recent times is SMS text messaging marketing. SMS (Short Message Service) marketing is a form of digital marketing but in a more personal way.  SMS marketing can be done for brand promotions, business details, sales, and offers, etc. Here you are not going to create any social media posts or advertisement boards and then wait till people watch them. Here you are directly sending a text message to the client, or a potential customer right into their cell phone inbox, which has a high chance that they will definitely read. That is the reason SMS marketing is a more personal way of marketing that can influence the client to call for action. 

 Recent studies have shown that 72% of clients/customers want to hear from their lawyers/businessmen in the form of text messages. And also 30% of people called for an inquiry after receiving a text message to their number. This SMS text marketing will work on a very simple logic that most people check their mobile phones at least once every four minutes. Because of that, SMS marketing is the easy and also best way of marketing to grab the attention of clients. It has high potential when compared to other forms of marketing. Below are the three simple steps to do SMS marketing effectively.

  1. Collecting data

To send SMS about your law firm or any other business to people, the first thing you need to do is sort out potential clients among those people. Potential clients are who are more likely to call for action after your message. Knowing a client's interests, opinions and needs will always become a plus point to reach your clients in a quick and effective manner. In order to do that, you have to collect the client’s data such as name, profession, interests, issues that are related to your law firm, etc. By this, you can be more particular about what you are going to market to your clients through SMS marketing. 

  1. Seeking Client’s consent

Taking a client’s consent to receive a message from your law firm is important in order to avoid issues in the future. It is also important to respect their privacy and opinions. 

  1. Sending a perfect text message

Being a law firm, first, you need to understand what you are exactly going to market about. Whether it may be your law firm promotion or services provided by your law firm or your recent achievements or anything that can make clients call for action. In SMS marketing, your message should be attractive way and at the same time informative. 

After checking all these points, now you have to find the best SMS marketing platform that is available. Our is one of the best SMS marketing websites that is available on the internet today. We are a platform that connects both lawyers and their clients in one place. Along with SMS marketing, our other services include memorable toll-free vanity numbers, call tracking, call diverting, call forwarding, email marketing, and many more. 

 We will market your services through SMS marketing. With this, people will directly know about your law firm, because the chances of reading a message that pops up on their mobile screen are high. We will send the text messages uniquely as well as describe and promote your law firm so that people will get to know more about what you will do and what you have to offer them. With these marketing techniques, clients who read our messages will directly contact you if they have any questions or concerns. In this way, SMS marketing is helping you in two ways. One is, your law firm brand reaches more and more people every day. Second, it will increase your number of clients. As we know the number of clients is directly proportional to the revenue you generate. So SMS marketing will eventually increase your revenue and create an identity for your law firm in society. 

 All you have to do is sign up on our online web portal to start availing of our services that will create growth in your law career and your law firm.  




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